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Infrared Steam Weight Loss Treatment

The infrared steam weight loss program offered at Foggiare weight loss center is the most relaxing way there is to burn calories and lose fat! Our “Slim UP Steam” sauna is the perfect addition to our other weight reduction technologies, and will compliment any diet plan you may be currently involved in.

Lose weight while you relieve stress and pain, attack belly fat and cellulite while stimulating your immune system, tone and firm as calories melt away and your weight loss goals come into view.

Whole Body Vibration Weight Loss

Like all of the technologies at Foggiare weight loss center, the “HYPERVIBE G17 PRO” is a great addition to any weight loss routine, and will increase your heart rate, to help your body burn calories, and lose more weight.

Our Whole Body Vibration training causes your body to elicit muscle activity to counteract the vibration, enabling your body to burn extra calories and reduce over-all body fat.

Lose Weight With Foggiare Cryotherapy

Losing Weight at Foggiare weight loss clinic is not only easy, but exhilarating and rejuvenating. We combine our advanced cryotherapy with our other technologies to build a weight loss program specifically for your body and it’s needs.

Our Cryosuana will help your body burn calories and shed pounds in just minutes per session. Once your body is subjected to sub-zero temperatures for a few minutes, it will begin to work to acclimate to the extreme cold and will burn a tremendous amount of calories.

Compression Massage Therapy

Compression Massage Therapy is just one more way Foggiare is leading the charge in helping you stay healthy while losing weight. With the stimulation of stagnated lymphatic fluids your body is able to move toxins out, and accelerate weight loss.