Synergistic Technologies for Total Body Wellness

Synergistic Technologies for Total Body Wellness

SLIMUP CENTER delivers proven technologies for well-being and care of the body focusing on Shaping, Toning and Firming. These treatments will leave you feeling more vibrant and energetic.

Infrared / Steam Therapy

At Foggiare we utilize a the newly designed Slim Up® Steam system,  combining infrared technologies, steam sauna, and aromatherapy to bring your body into alignment with total wellness, and beauty.

While you relax in our advanced steam sauna, the infrared technology provided by Slim Up® Steam will be working below your skin to help your body burn fat and release toxins.

Compression Massage / Lymphatic Evacuation Therapy:

Relax in our whole body massage suit, that inflates around you and helps improve water distribution while draining your worries away. Foggiare uses advanced technology call the Slim Up® drain system to provide a compression massage treatment FOR TOTAL BODY RELAXATION that helps drain toxins and excess water.

Whole Body Cryotherapy:

Rejuvenate your body in our world class whole body cryotherapy chamber known as the Cryosauna®. Our advanced cryotherapy technology will Increase Your Metabolism, Boost Your Immune System, Reduce Inflammation and much much more. Visit our Cryotherapy page and learn more about this amazing therapy, and how it can benefit you.


Looking for that perfect body contour? With Ultra Shape and Tone therapies at Foggiare, your body will get that make-over, and put you on the path to better over-all health. Our infrared lamps, ultrasound, and electrostimulation treatments will shape, tone, and stimulate your body to a new level of wellness.

Whole Body Vibration:

Stimulate and build your muscles, keep your joints mobilized, oxygenate your body, and reduce pain with our Whole Body Vibration therapy treatments. Hypervibe G17 Pro at Foggiare Fitness Center provides your body with a total stationary workout that will help keep you fit and active.

SilkPeel Dermal Infusion:

Rejuvenate and Revitalize your skin with SilkPeel Dermal Infusion. SilkPeel technology at Foggiare Institute simultaneously exfoliates, evacuates, and conditions your skin. shed the years off, and  bring your skin’s natural beauty back to the surface where it belongs!

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