UltraSound, InfraRedlamps, and ElectroStimulation

Advanced Technology

Relax under our infrared lamps, while your body gets the make-over you crave! With our advanced technologies, Ultrasound and Electrostimulation, we will shape and tone you for the perfect body contour, that will make all your friends and family take notice.


Foggiare uses ultrasound technology as a part of your whole body wellness treatment for the removal of subcutaneous fat cells, removing cellulite, and tightening your skin. Ultrasound is a non-invasive technique that precisely targets and destroys the fat cells below the skin, allowing your body to metabolize the fat tissues.


Foggiare uses Electrostimulation as part of our fitness program to stimulate your muscles at a deep level, tighten and tone your skin, and improve circulation. Electrostimulation can also relax muscle spasms after a work out, help stimulate the calf muscle to possibly prevent venous thrombosis.

  • Muscle firming

  • Muscle toning

  • Body Shaping

  • Bottom Contouring

  • Energy and Wellbeing

combining the synergistic energies of UltraSound, InfraRed lamps, and ElectroStimulation

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