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Hypervibe Fitness Training

Fitness training that takes the load off. Our whole body vibration fitness program with the Hypervibe G17 will force your muscles to respond and contract in multiple directions.

Our fitness training will work your core muscles, and tone your entire body without ever lifting one dumbbell. You will improve your flexibility, increase strength, help maintain bone density and more.

Ultra Shape And Tone

Ultra Shape and Tone is another Foggiare breakthrough in fitness, toning and shaping. Our non-invasive techniques will help you tone muscles, improve blood circulation and skin texture, and remove fat cells.

No-Pain fitness programs, that give your body dramatic results, with no hospital stays, no anesthetics and very little down time.

Cryotherapy Fitness

Cool off while you shape up and tone with Foggiare cryotherapy fitness sessions. Combined with other specific Foggiare technologies, a plan is designed specifically for you and your body to help you get on track and stay fit for life.

Your body is safely introduced to extreme cold for a few minutes, your blood moves from your extremities to your core, giving all of your vital organs a boost, and as your body acclimates to the climate change, it burns a significant amount of calories.