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Compression Massage Therapy

Like many of our treatments, Foggiare’s whole body compression massage and lymphatic drainage treatment is designed to aid your body as you move toward your goal of total wellness.

Weight Loss

Foggiare’s compression massage therapy along, with our other weight loss treatments will help your body eliminate toxins, and reduce water retention, will accelerate your weight loss agenda and propel you closer to your goals.

Post Medical Procedures

Foggiare’s compression massage therapy can aid your body in recovering after medical procedures, such as surgeries, radiation treatments and more, and can even be beneficial for people with Lupus, by stimulating the movement of stagnated lymph or lymphatic fluids and toxins. This helps your body keep the fluids moving, and delivering white blood cells to your bloodstream when needed.

Stress Relief

Relieve your stress with Foggiare’s advanced whole body treatments. With your body working constantly to fend off contaminates in this world, and all of the worries in life that impose themselves into our minds, stress builds and can cause a plethora of psychological and physical problems. Our compression massage treatments will help your body eliminate toxins that can build and create issues for your immune system, while also helping to relieve tension in your muscles, and reduce stress.

Circulation Benefits

Improve your circulation with Foggiare’s compression massage treatments. When you have a lengthy stay in the hospital, and you don’t get a lot of movement, compression massage is typically used on the calves to help circulation and prevent blood clots. If you fly great distances, drive for long periods, or work at a desk all day, compression massage is exactly what you need to aid your circulatory system. Get your blood flowing, Call or visit us at Foggiare Institute for your tailored wellness plan.

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  • Reduce Water Retention

  • Lose Weight

  • Speed Up Recovery

  • Relieve Stress

  • Increase Circulation

Recover – Rejuvenate – Revitalize

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