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Scientific, Synergistic, AND Powerful!

  • Exclusive FDA cleared technology

  • Measures Your Body Inside & Out

  • Creates A Customized Program

  • Exclusive To Foggiare

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  • Programs For Everyone

Scientifically designed to calculate your body’s composition and measurements, giving you the power to choose the areas of your body to focus on!

FOGGIARE™ STATION completely eliminates human bias, and error, while providing you with the information, based on your body makeup, to arrive at your best decision on how to proceed with the Foggiare wellness program that best suits you. That’s right! STATION creates a fully customized, nonbiased fitness and wellness program specifically for your body’s needs.

FOGGIARE™ programs combine multiple technologies and therapies that work in synergy with one another, allowing you to completely redefine your shape, tone, and overall wellness.

Change only the areas you want to change! Have a stubborn area you would like to address? That’s perfectly ok! STATION puts the control in your hands, always tailoring a wellness program based on your needs.

Pain Management

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Weight Loss


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Foggiare Institute is at the forefront of health and wellness with our cutting edge technologies. All of our programs are designed by our professional staff, and tailored to the individual needs of your body. Our technologies and wellness programs will give your immune system the boost it needs to help you maintain a higher level of wellness, and a better quality of life.

Whether your looking for a cleaner and less intrusive way to manage your pain, an easier way to enhance your current weight loss routine and tone up your body, or a safer way to get that youthful look back to your skin, Foggiare Institute can put you on the path to better health and overall wellness.

Visit our wellness center today, and learn how you and your family can benefit from our wellness programs and technologies.


Combining the Best in Non-Invasive Proven Technologies

Your personalized wellness program will include a combination of therapies, and a card that contains your plan information will be created, and used throughout your program to calculate your progress.

  • FOGGIARE™ MEMBERSHIP: After a complete evaluation using FOGGIARE™ STATION  your program will consist of EIGHT Sessions per month of your choice +Unlimited Hypervibe
  • FOGGIARE™ ELITE MEMBERSHIP: After a complete evaluation using our breakthrough system FOGGIARE™STATION, choose from any  SIXTEEN  (16) of the FOGGIARE™ SlimUp Therapies + Unlimited Hypervibe + Take home care)
  • CHILL OUT : Focusing on the body, use Cryotherapy sessions to aid in recovery, anti-aging, pain management, tighten skin, even burn calories! See what everyone is talking about from Celebrities to Retirees, this 3 minute therapy is designed to reduce inflammation in the body and give overall relief. Clients report increased energy and focus, reduced pain, better sleep, and weight loss.